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Los Angeles, CA, November 5, 2008- Raleigh Studios has bolstered its presence in Louisiana by teaming up with FBT Film & Entertainment, an affiliate of First Bank and Trust, and Blueroom Post to further service productions with Raleigh Studios, Baton Rouge at The Celtic Media Centre and also with a location in New Orleans. This unique union brings together the full breadth of production services Raleigh Studios has to offer; the extensive hands on production experience to help producers maximize ?Louisiana spend? for qualifying tax credits and finance options of FBT; and full service post-production services with Blueroom Post. The deal brings together every aspect of production all under one roof.

?With Hollywood Rentals, the facility at The Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge and now FBT, Blue Room and a New Orleans location we can truly be the one stop Louisiana solution for any production?, said Michael Moore, President of Raleigh Studios. ?We?re very excited to be associated with such a talented roster of companies?.

?We couldn?t be happier about this new strategic alliance with Raleigh Studios at The Celtic Media Centre and Blueroom Post,? said Leonard Alsfeld, FBT Film & Entertainment president and CEO. ?Their reputation and history with all aspects of production services speaks for itself. This makes our clients Warszawa pisanie prac finanse and prospective clients that much more enthusiastic about taking advantage of all the wonderful benefits of filming in Louisiana.?

Planning is underway for Raleigh and Celtic to work with FBT and Blueroom Post to develop operations in New Orleans that will accommodate production offices, shooting and post. The new operation will have the full support of Raleigh Studios Baton Rouge at The Celtic Media Centre, which already has the largest soundstages in Louisiana. The Baton Rouge and New Orleans locations will compliment each other with new post production space that will provide video and audio post services. Having Raleigh facilities in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Los Angeles will provide filmmakers with creative solutions they won?t be able to find anywhere else.

Raleigh Studios is the largest operator of independent studios in the country, with locations in Hollywood, Manhattan Beach (the new home of Marvel Studios), Playa Vista, Baton Rouge and Budapest. Raleigh?s parent company also owns the premier supplier of lighting and grip gear, Hollywood Rentals, with locations in Los Angeles, Charlotte, Orlando and Baton Rouge. Raleigh also runs Raleigh Film, the production services arm of Raleigh Studios, which crews, scouts locations, budgets and line produces TV, feature and commercial projects in Budapest and Baton Rouge. This lets productions take advantage of the considerable packaging opportunities Raleigh can offer through its multiple locations and service companies. This can appeal to a slate of films or a production where you need multiple locations.

FBT Film & Entertainment staffs offices in New Orleans and Los Angeles and helps maximize producers qualifying ?Louisiana spend.? They work with the Louisiana Film Commissioner?s office, statewide local municipalities, and film liaisons to lower production costs and get more dollars ?up on the screen.? Louisiana?s production tax incentives are completely transferable and FBT Film is well positioned to assist out of state production companies (with no Louisiana tax liability) in selling their credits for cash on the open market. The financing institution?s alliance with Raleigh Studios allows it to offer unique solutions to producers looking to save up to 35% over what it would cost to shoot elsewhere.

Blueroom Post is headquartered at Raleigh Studios, Manhattan Beach. The company also operates a satellite office at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood that provides ADR recording for on-lot productions. Post services at Blueroom include offline editorial, standard def and HD online finishing, visual effects and compositing, DVD and Blu-ray authoring, sound editorial and mixing in addition to dubbing, duplication and delivery services. All services will be offered through its Louisiana locations, Raleigh Studios Baton Rouge at The Celtic Media Centre.
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